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Share Satisfaction Kama - Green -

ByShare Satisfaction. SKU: 230841
Share Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction Kama
Was $76.95
rating 4.5
4.7 / 5 Based on 119 reviews
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Girth: 4.00 Inch
Batteries: USB x 1

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Kama is the toy of the year. Every few years a toy comes along that changes the game. Kama is that toy. It’s the toy everybody wants and everybody is talking about.

This waterproof, USB chargeable toy is all you need for clitoral stimulation and powerful internal vibration. There’s nothing like it and once you have good Kama you’ll never go back. You can have Kama in regal purple or opulent teal.

Want to Know More?

Watch the video below where our sex educator Emma Hewitt will tell you everything you need to know about Kama by Share Satisfaction.

Key Features of Kama:

  • Dual stimulation and powerful internal vibration
  • 10 forms of vibrations
  • 10 modes of clitoral stimulation
  • Textured G-spot tip - increases sensation and passion during play

How to use Kama by Share Satisfaction

This elegant and sensual toy provides incredible internal and external stimulation that combines for a powerful, world-changing dual orgasm. This hands-free, very quiet vibe sits perfectly inside you while providing pinpoint suction and pulsing on your clitoris.

Being a diverse sex toy, it can be used as a clitoral stimulator with different levels of pulsating, sucking stimulation by positioning it directly over your clitoris, or you can use the internal g-tipped vibrator individually by inserting it inside your vagina with a generous helping of lubricant. For the best results, use both the vibrator and clitoral stimulation simultaneously to enjoy heavenly, hands-free blended orgasms!

How to care for this product

Once finished with Kama, make sure to wash it down with warm soapy water or any toy cleaner on the market. Store in a Share Satisfaction Luxury Satin Bag to get the longest life span out of Kama.

Product Specifications:

  • Eco-friendly and USB Rechargeable
  • Material: liquid silicone
  • Waterproof at an IPX7 level - use in the tub or shower and add a whole new dimension of pleasure to your play

About the manufacturer

Kama is manufactured by Share Satisfaction, New Zealand's leading sex toy brand who provide nothing but excellence to their customers. Share Satisfaction products are carefully curated to bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction all whilst using body-safe materials and being USB rechargeable.

Customer Reviews

I felt like I saw God.
Anna - 2 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I've tried a lot of toys so I was very skeptical when I was told it was better than the Satisfyer Pro. It's true though. It really is incredible. I felt like I saw God. Using it was literally a religious experience and now I'm off to church every day after work!
Wife loved it more than she loves me.
Paul - 8 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
I am horribly jealous of what this can do to my wife
Ok, now for me, this was a game changer.
Sal - 3 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser

So I am certainly more of a clit girl that an 'internal vibration' lover, so the SP2 is my go to favourite. Not sure why i haven't bothered with internal vibration in the past - it just never really got me off. That was until the weekend! After inserting Kama, I only used the Clit stim. My concern was that my body was going to screw it up and it wasn't going to fit right. No such problem. The v-shape is flexible, so even with the internal part inserted, I could manipulate the clit stimulator to the exact right spot. After a few minutes of using the toy only on my clit, I tried the vibration function internally. This is where the game changed, talk about an intensive O! Have completely changed my thoughts on internal vibration from this experience. Love Love Love
I want to marry it.
Lee - 2 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I don't know how I've lived 39 years on this planet without this toy. I want to marry it.
Finally, a toy that doesn't make me feel defective.
Kinkerbell - 4 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I've often been disappointed after buying toys that had rave reviews, only to find that they didn't get me anywhere near orgasm. Even the fabled Satisfyer Pro 2 left me feeling defective because it didn't blow my mind straight out of the box and I've only been able to get it to work by teaming it with an insertable toy.

So by the time I found the Kama, I was a little sceptical, even though I had read very positive reviews of a similar product sold in the Northern Hemisphere. But I decided to give it a try, because, well, it's 2020 and we all need a little hope.

All I can say is OMFG! The internal rumbly vibrations hit the spot like nothing else I've ever encountered and the patterns suit me perfectly. The clit stimulation works better than the Satisfyer for me, because it doesn't keep sliding off target. I charged it up on arrival last night and I've already had 2 mind-blowing orgasms this morning.

If you've found toys haven't really floated your boat in the past, give this one a try. It's the best $85 I've ever spent!
Oh wow.
H - 6 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
Read the reviews and purchased on a whim. Arrived on my doorstep less than 48 hours later. Orgasmed in less than 15 seconds using this toy. Cannot recommend more.
This toy was made for me.
Fiona - 2 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I have three kids and that keeps me pretty busy. I was looking for a toy that would do everything I wanted it to do and quickly - the fact that it hits you exactly the right way internally while hitting you exactly the right way internally is incredible. It's like this toy was made just for my body!
Michelle - 4 Dec, 2020
Nonverified purchaser
I love my SP2 but I always found myself wanting something inside at the same time. The Kama does that and boy does it hit the spot! My husband thought I was lying when I told him how quickly I had an orgasm! Amazing, amazing toy!
Freakin amazing.
Kara - 2 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I love toys and I'm very, very specific about what I like. I only really like light clitoral stimulation and internal rumbling. So, I wasn't sure about the kama. I was one over the first time I used it. I don't even know how to put into words how freakin amazing this toy is - it made me feel things no other toy has been able to do!
The only toy I'll ever need.
Gianna - 2 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
I've never used a toy before and I was pretty nervous, I wasn't sure I'd know what to do with it but honestly, once I started using it - it was like nothing I've ever felt before. It's the only toy I've ever had and the only toy I'll ever need!

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